Sunday, January 22, 2012


DBase31 is a full graphical data manager highly configurable and easy-to-use.

It allows you to store any kind of data: movie titles, CDs, books...

*Main features:
-organize data over Libraries and Items
-configurable List view, configurable Item template
-supported Field types: text (single, multi-lines), image, calendar, checkbox, list (single, multi selection), item link, and more to come
-configurable search
-export/import CSV
-NO Internet connection required
-full localized UI (English, French)

Please check How To for details.

Any feedback is welcome to support email:
send feedback about DBase for BlackBerry® PlayBook™

Release note:

.Fix in v1.0.1:
-Bug when swiping item
-Bug when deleting Item if no Library selection
-Bug with language selection
-New Search Icon

.New features in DBase31 v1.0.0 (vs DBase 1.4.6):

-New language support: French (dynamic configuration in "Options" > "Language")
Language selection affects user interface, online help and date formats.

-Import CSV:
This functionality allows to import a [Library] from a CSV file.
See Import CSV data for details.

You can navigate to previous/next selected items, using left/right arrows next to [Item] title.

-Swipe selection:
In [Item] area, use your finger to "swipe" selection.
(Limitation: not available with History items)

-Last Update:
Items can now be sorted by their "Last Update" value.

-image popup is now properly resized with tablet orientation.
-list icon is properly updated after editing Fields
-new Library can be edited just after creation

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