Release History

.Fix in v1.0.1:
-Bug when swiping item
-Bug when deleting Item if no Library selection
-Bug with language selection
-New Search Icon

.New features in DBase31 v1.0.0 (vs DBase 1.4.6):
-New language support: French (dynamic configuration in "Options/Language")
Language selection affects user interface, online help and date formats.

-Import CSV:
This functionality allows to import a [Library] from a CSV file.
See Import CSV data for details.

You can navigate to previous/next selected items, using left/right arrows next to [Item] title.

-Swipe selection:
In [Item] area, use your finger to "swipe" selection.
(Limitation: not available with History items)

-Last Update:
Items can now be sorted by their "Last Update" value.

-image popup is now properly resized with tablet orientation.
-list icon is properly updated after editing Fields
-new Library can be edited just after creation

_______________DBase (free version) History_______________
.Changes&Fix in v1.4.9:
-new page "About"
-link to AppWorld "DBase31"
-minor fixes

.Changes&Fix in v1.4.6:
-New Field "link" is now properly exported
-Export CSV now excludes properly images if not requested
-Fix an issue when creating new Item from a Field "link"
-DBase is now built using new Flex SDK 4.6

.Changes in v1.4.5:
-new Field type "Link": allows to add a hyper link to other Item from any Library.
-minor bug fixes
-minor cosmetic updates
-general code optimization

.Changes in v1.4.3:
-items list can now be sorted by Field "List" value.
-bug fixes (Field List was reset when hidden)
-improved performances (virtual layout)

.Changes in v1.4.2:
-new CSV export feature.
-misc. bug fixes

.Fixes in v1.4.1:
-minor fix (conf. message)

.Changes in v1.4.0:
-GUI improvements, with orientation support
-improved performances
-misc. bug fixes (date selection, library edition)

.Changes in v1.3.0:
-support AIR 2.6
-improved performances
-minor fixes

.Changes in v1.2.0:
-new Field type: List (configurable)
-Backup/Restore functionality (DBase format)
before deleting application DBase, you can now save your data for future reinstall.
-global UI improvements (for big fingers :) )
-copy/paste is now supported
-new icon

.Changes in v1.1.9:
-check for safe user data

.Changes in v1.1.8:
-font size is now configurable
-major scroll engine update and optimization

.Fixes in v1.0.2 (related to final SDK 1.0.1):
-virtual keyboard opens fine now
-Media Browser has now proper access to documents stored on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™
-Date picker selection is fixed
-easier selection when editing Libraries
-scrolling issues fixed